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Work has begun on a couple new projects at the airport, with full scale construction expected to start on Monday, June 17th. New access gates and roads are being installed, which change the way we gain access to our chapter hangar. The "dirt road" that we have become accustom to using is no longer available (see red lines on article image), with a new chain and lock having been added to prevent access. Instead, all traffic to our hangar(s) will be through the gate located near Advanced Aviation, until construction is complete.

For those who are not chapter members, and thus do not have the code to the gate located near Advanced Aviation, we will open the gate and force it to remain open for chapter functions.

Parking will remain in the areas it has always been (see green boxes on article image). Please be mindful of aircraft operating on the airport grounds and do not park in front of any hangars so that hangar owners may access their hangar (see green dashed line on article image).


Initially the majority of the work is expected to be grading, hauling, relocating sewer lines, installing culverts, and other work that will be outside the airport operations area and will not impact airport operations.  However, eventually work will necessitate the temporary closure of taxiways, and the temporary closure of the runway in order to tie the new taxiway into the runway pavement.  Taxiway closures will be minimized, but some taxiways (e.g., Foxtrot and Golf) may be closed for extended periods.  Any runway closure will be limited to nights (9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. local) Monday through Friday. 

The contractor is working to develop a tentative time line showing when closures will be required. Once we have that information we will share it, understanding that the times may change due to weather or unexpected circumstances encountered in the field. Once a definite closure time has been established a NOTAM will be issued and an e-mail notice will be sent out. Please check NOTAMs to ensure you are aware of any closures that may be necessary.

To see the GDOT airport layout plans, please see http://myfiles.dot.ga.gov/Airport%20Layout%20Plans/LZU.pdf