At-Large Member - Kathi Parks

Kathi Parks 110x82 I have been active in sport and corporate aviation my whole adult life.  I am married to a pilot, Bob, who shares the same interest but in a different way.  He's more about the planes, he has a C140 & C180.  I love the people! I ran EAA 1062 at PDK in the 90's.  The Young Eagle Rallys and building a replica of the Wright Flier kept us going for a couple years. 

At-Large Member - Jimmie Rickerson


At-Large Member - John Post

John Post was born in Cleveland Ohio and graduated from Ohio University Athens Ohio.

John served in the Army one tour in Vietnam as combat engineer. John started TSI Solutions, a factory automation engineering company in 1978.  He learned to fly in Gainesville, Ga in 1971 and completed training at PDK through flight instructor rating. In 1975 John partnered with Todd Jennings and started AeroVentures a flight school that operated until 1988. John started Bonanza 5 Inc. a flying club in 1987 which operates today from PDK with ten members and two A-36 Bonanzas. John is a member of C172 flying club at LZU with 5 other EAA members including instructors, Fred Huppertz and Todd Jennings.  John is an enthusiastic aviator and flight instructor devoted to the Young Eagle program and honored to have been chosen to serve on the EAA 690 board


At-Large Member - Gay Roberts

Gay co-owns a Stinson Voyager 108-1 with her husband, Chuck. While not a pilot, she loves to fly with Chuck. She has been a member of Chapter 690 for about 20 years and has volunteered with the Young Eagle program for about 15 years. Previously having assisted with Summer Camp registration, in 2017 she is serving as the Summer Camp registrar. Chapter 690 members are some of the friendliest people she knows and she loves being involved in Chapter activities.