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  1. Virgin Orbit spaceship engineers launched a humanitarian mission in California to create a simpler ventilator for quick deployment to hospitals that could help save the lives of patients struggling to survive the new coronavirus.

  2. The acceptance of private pilots conferring with their private physicians has led to more than 55,000 aviators using the privileges of BasicMed as the program approaches its three-year anniversary on May 1.

  3. AOPA wants the FAA to boldly go where it has not gone before to disclose information about the impact of commercial space launches on general aviation’s busiest flight routes.

  4. In an April 1 letter to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and seven other industry groups urged the agency to support the multibillion-dollar general aviation (GA) industry through extensions to examinations, certifications, maintenance, and filings. GA has stepped up in many ways to help the nation deal with the COVID-19 crisis through its more than 5,000 public airports across the country, providing transportation and logistical support for needed supplies and personnel.

  5. Aviation insurance rates are on the rise, what can pilots do to help mitigate future increases? AssuredPartners Aerospace offers 5 tips.
  6. Your AOPA 2020 Sweepstakes RV–10 is often called something it’s not: a Cirrus.

  7. As the coronavirus pandemic alters every facet of life and how industries around the globe operate, the aviation sector is trying to find its new normal. The FAA has taken steps to address the heavily impacted operations of commercial carriers amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and now, general aviation continues to ask for the same treatment as it provides vital services to the public and economy while fighting a worldwide crisis.

  8. After initially postponing the Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo because of the coronavirus pandemic, show organizers announced April 1 that they were canceling the event for 2020 but pledged to release a “Sun ‘n Fun at Home” series.

  9. The working group studying the long-term structure of the FAA’s designated pilot examiner system plans to meet in June to hear the recommendations three subcommittees are preparing to help make pilot practical testing more efficient and delay-free.

  10. The coronavirus didn’t stop the Delaware Aviation Museum from awarding one lucky pilot a second-in-command type rating package on April 1 to celebrate the museum’s fifth anniversary.