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  1. After 20 years of marriage, I camped with my husband for the first time this year. Purists will say we didn’t really camp because we slept in a king-size bed, had electricity, and even access to a full bathroom.

  2. Which callout would you rather hear from an air traffic controller issuing traffic advisories in busy airspace: That previously called traffic is “no longer a factor,” or that the traffic is “no longer observed”?

  3. Double-digit growth in piston-aircraft and business-jet deliveries continued the year’s trend to date for aircraft manufacturers in a third quarter that produced some headline-making reshufflings of the industry’s players.

  4. Just in time for cold and flu season, the FAA has released a list of over-the-counter medications broken into two categories: go and no go.

  5. AOPA and five other aviation-industry groups urged House and Senate committees to reject several proposals they believe would compromise safety, “dismantle a thriving rotorcraft industry,” and disperse FAA regulatory clout among countless local governments.

  6. 5 things to do prior to winter storage and 1 NOT to do.
  7. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association's (AOPA's) You Can Fly program received the 2019 Frank G. Brewer Trophy during the National Aeronautic Association's Fall Awards Dinner in Arlington, Virginia, Tuesday evening. 

  8. With the FAA’s ADS-B Out mandate less than seven weeks away, the industry is learning more about the capabilities and limitations of space-based ADS-B—including that Nav Canada has postponed its ADS-B Out mandate.