Young Eagles Program

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EAA Chapter 690 has had a very active Young Eagles (YE) program dating back to 1994. A Young Eagles Rally is held at the Chapter 690 hangar each third Saturday of the month, weather permitting, and begins around 9:00 AM. Over 6,500 young people have taken their first flight by chapter members, who generously donate their time and aircraft.

Nationally, over 2.1 million young people have soared into the sky through the Young Eagles program since it began in 1992.

The mission of the program is to give young people an opportunity to fly in a general aviation aircraft and to be inspired to consider aviation as a career or recreational pursuit. Flights are provided to interested young people between the ages 8-17.

The Young Eagles program has created tangible results.  In 2010 EAA in cooperation with the FAA, initiated a research project to determine measurable results from the Young Eagles program.  That project uncovered some fascinating facts.

  •  Young people who take part in a Young Eagles flight experience are 5.4 times more likely to become an active pilot than those young people of the same age who did not have a Young Eagles flight experience.
  • Of all active U.S. pilots (those with a pilot certificate and current medical certificate) ages 15-34, 7.3 percent of them had a Young Eagles flight experience.
  • The more times a Young Eagle flies, the more likely he or she will become an active pilot.  Young Eagles with five or more flight experiences are eight times more likely to earn pilot certificates than those with only one Young Eagles flight.
  • Nine percent of the active pilots who were Young Eagles were female.  That compares to approximately six percent for the current U.S. pilot population as a whole.
  • In addition, these numbers do not reflect the increased activity at local airports due to Young Eagles events, or the many "friends of aviation" (parents, family members, airport neighbors) who now have a positive image of general aviation.

Each YE must have the Registration Form signed by a parent or legal guardian, (no grandparents), before the flight.  It is important that the Registration Form itself be printed on one sheet of paper, front to back. At registration each YE is given a Boarding Pass with a number. After a brief Pre-flight briefing the Boarding Pass is signed by the briefer. They are then assigned to a plane/pilot according to the Boarding Pass number.

Parents and YE must be escorted to and from the airplanes by a Safety Officer, who will be wearing an orange vest.  Pictures are permitted.  After the flight, usually about thirty minutes, each Young Eagle is given a Certificate and a Log Book signed by the pilot.  A Young Eagles brochure explains the overall program and should answer any remaining questions you may have.

To Preregister for Young Eagle flights, go to Young Eagle Day and search for EAA 690 or contact Duane Huff by phone at 770-962-3117, or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Additional information can be found on the Young Eagles section of the EAA national website.